Maple Walnut and Saffron Cinnamon Apple Pie


Apple Pie! Yes! For breakfast? Yes! How did you know? Don’t judge me. I’d judge me too, don’t worry.

Buttery, flaky, and decadently sweet from a dark, amber maple syrup, the sweetheart of American desserts has been transformed and turned around with a generous addition of saffron and nutty crunch of walnuts. How wonderful was this with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream? SO wonderful not even the word wonderful itself would be enough to describe the feelings the very first and the very last bite evoked. Let me just tell you, there were tears. And a moment of silence. And lots of moaning. Oh, yes.

P.S. I’M BAAAAAAAAAACK. For good. Probably.

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Midnight Chocolate, Chocolate Cake with Espresso Spiked Cream


It’s been a few weeks of sporadic updates and I apologize for that :) I had falsely assumed that Tuesday’s arrival would signal the beginning of the end. Alas, my professors are feeling somewhat gung-ho about doling out assignments and extra quizzes so there hasn’t been a lot of time left over for me to hit the grocers or attend to the pile of dishes in the sink. (As per usual.) And the bipolar weather of hot-cold-hot-cold (as is wont this time of year in Beppu) has made my lazy bones ever lazier. But next week seems to call for a more exciting and consistent set of posts! (whispers) I’ll give you a small preview: leek, potato and ricotta soup with sesame croutons | light and airy pancakes with a macadamia nut cream sauce (think Hawaii). Ooooh, boy!

I made this cake a few days before the M.M.M. storm hit but I didn’t have time to edit it. It’s one of those rich, intensely chocolate, CHOCOLATE cakes that pair nicely with a dollop of cream to help balance out the flavours so your taste buds don’t get KO’ed. And we all know coffee enhances the qualities of chocolate, so I thought it would be a match made in heaven. Definitely a cake to make when you’re feeling blue, need to impress a lady friend, or bringing a dessert over to a friend’s dinner party. ;)

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Philly Cheese Steak Stromboli with Sharp Provolone Cheese and a Knockout Tomato Sauce


During my road trip to Nagasaki in early April, we spent a good $30.00 on pizza at S’barro. Everything was about $5.00 each so if my rusty math skills are still somewhat up to par, that would be 6 slices of pizza. Except we only bought 4. Because the other 2 were Strombolis. Philly Cheese Steak Strombolis, to be exact. Glorious, succulent, juicy slices of beef smothered in a rich cheese, stuffed inside a warm, chewy and fresh pizza bread that’s spread with a flavourful tomato sauce before it’s rolled up. Knock your socks off stuff, right there. We loved it so much we had to get another, even though the buttons of our pants were desperately protesting against such a notion. Well. It was worth it.

On another note, M.M.M. is coming to an end! Only one presentation and assignment left to hand in tomorrow and then it’ll be back into the kitchen for me! *cackles* As much as I love boxed lunches at the supermarket (#bentous) and fast food burgers…….with recipes like this and this aaand pictures this and this who wouldn’t want to grab a skillet and fry things up a bit for a flavour-packed meal? ;)

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Clean Eating: Sauteed Zucchini and Udon with Toasted Sesame Miso Dressing and Softboiled Egg


If you’ve ever craved for a light, casual lunch on a warm spring or autumn day, the window cracked open just enough to invite in the slight crisp breeze and fresh air, then this is a dish for you. Tangy, vibrant and flavourful, all you need to do is spoon this delightful dressing over your favourite plain noodles, warmed rice, fluffy omelette or crunchy salad, and you’re in for a real treat!

Addendum – wasn’t going to post this today but felt ya’ll needed some eye candy loving! So Happy Wednesday to you! *scurries off to finish equations involving the face value of bonds and par value of stocks* Erk.

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SEG Way Browned Butter Earl Grey Tea Pound Cake with Sweet Yellow Peaches and Vanilla Drizzle (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree)

Anjo Angela Lim:

Read all about Mr. P’s tumultuous but very successful journey to creating SEG’s earl grey tea pound cake right in his Kiwi Kitchen! And a riveting third person prose revolving the cake’s personification of a woman. Ever charming, and the photos are just swoon-worthy!

Originally posted on The Peckish Kiwi:


There’s something about having good cake. It puts a smile on your face, and a spring in your step. You walk around with a certain air about you. What’s wonderful is when you see someone else walking around with that same air about them. Catching each other’s eye, you smile and nod, that small gesture shouting quietly oh the joy of good cake.


This is the kind of good cake that would be the woman in a love story. The guy notices her in the library, day after day, usually reading some really intellectual piece of literature. She’s always dressed immaculately, not in a showy way, but in a way that shows she knows what works for her and works her look with poise. She wears glasses like these and absolutely pulls it off. When the guy approaches her, it’s easy for him to over think it. A head full of all those books he’s…

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No-fry Bang Bang! Chicken …with Aromatic Coconut Red Rice


That’s why they call me Slim Sassy! (I’m back) Guess who’s b-back, back, back; gue-gue-guess who’s back (Hi mom!) Slim Sassy, May 5. And out.

Just kidding. Sorry. It just suddenly took over my mind and my fingers typed the lyrics out on their own accord. Probably shouldn’t have partook in the Coffee-Tea-Coffee Again (and a huge chunk of Chai Tea pound cake) madness of this Sunday morning. Caffeine overload much? But YAY! I’m finally done with all the comment lovin’, spreading peace and happiness all around. Don’t worry I rewarded myself with another slice of cake. Even if it was squishy and spongey and not at all like a pound cake. (The Hazelnut Milk Crumble Topping, though, WILL star in its own post  here at SEG because you all deserve to stuff your face with it by the bowl-full. Hopefully sitting atop a less squidgy pound cake.) But I digress. This no-fry bang bang! chicken made a lot of commotion on my facebook. Lots of bribery happened. Puppy dog looks at school were exchanged. Requests were not-so-subtly made. I theorized it was all the sauce’s fault. Darn glistening and delicious looking thing.

If you’ve ever heard of bang bang shrimp or dynamite shrimp, this is it. With a few modifications here and there to jazz it up even more (garlic and two types of chili always makes everything better, agreed? Agreed.) And I thought chicken was more acceptable as a stand-alone dish for dinner, rather than shrimp which is more light weight = appetizer. At least in my book. The cutting technique takes a bit of time, but the ease of biting into the chicken (and the enjoyment it brings, oh the sheer enjoyment!) when the grub is done cooking, is worth every second spent during its preparation. I promise you, you will not regret making this for lunch/dinner or even some pre-dinner snacking. I think my facebook buddies would happily provide testimonials to that.

P.S. happy 2 months, Blog!!!

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The All-Purpose Waffle Bread…savoury, sweet, or even both!


So, there’s a backlog of comments on SEG I need to reply, other posts on both WordPress and Feedly I desperately want to comment on, status updates on my facebook newsfeed to like, daily tumblr dashboard photos to scroll through, emails to check, and people in Canada to call via Skype. Oh, oh, oh. And let’s not forget the Himalayan Mountain of dishes leering at me a few meters away. So. All in all, not the most perfect time to post. I’m going against the very Blogging Code I swear to follow by. But.


I needed (NEEDED) to share with you this amazing waffle bread recipe I stumbled upon last night via Sillyaryu Bakery’s blog. Other than a few characters here and there, it’s basically gibberish to me. But I consulted with google translate, the SEG pantry, and my Friday morning schedule. Everything looked ready for take off! Scribbled down my modified version of the recipe, forwent the instructions, and prepared the dough. Hopped into bed, excited for the morning. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Oh, crap. I’M LATE. Scrambled out of bed to wash up, threw on a random skirt, grey stockings, smeared on the lipstick that won the lottery—Persian Melon—and shoddily drawn eyeliner. Heated the waffle iron, swore a little here and there as I burned a few fingers, threw on the bread dough. Searched the entire room for my wallet, ohmygosh, I could have SWORN it was underneath my jacketpantssockstowel ummmMMM? Anyway. Had 1 waffle to go, spread with a thick layer of ooey gooey Nutella, and the rest was saved for later, an after school snack if you will. (More like a 6pm meal but whatever.)

Seriously easy. Seriously good. RIDICULOUSLY ALL-PURPOSE. I’m already excited to make some version of eggs benedicts with them—guys. Go and make them. Now. Like, NOW now. That is all.


Okay I’m off to watch Hannibal with the boy, do the dishes, 100 squates and then…and then it’s time to adopt the Blogger Code once again and do my proper duty of replying. I owe you major eye candy for all the douchey ignoring I’m so blatantly doing, yikes! Good night everyone!

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(1 bowl) Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken Drums and Wings with Warm Salted Edamame and Buttery Mashed Potatoes


So we had this whole chicken sitting in the freezer for about a week, and I really wanted to make something epic with it. Like, Thanksgiving-style stuffed Roast Chicken with gravy and apple chutney kind of Epic. Even though it’s not anywhere NEAR Thanksgiving. And I live in Japan so it wouldn’t even matter if it were Thanksgiving. Anyway, I digress. As you can see, though, we completely veered off from the path of epic chicken roasting and instead made some glazed, spicy honey garlic chicken. I got too lazy. Not lazy enough that I couldn’t chop up a whole chicken (and throw the bones into a crockpot for some mad stock brewing!), but definitely lazy enough to forego the Thanksgiving Remix of May 2013. I mean, 10 hours of college and I want to come home to whip up gravy and apple chutney? Maybe if I were Supergirl of the culinary arts. So. No. But the alternative was just as scrumptious and satisfying! Leaving you with little to no clean up, no marinade time necessary, and ample finger licking good flavours, who wants to bother with a Thanksgiving Chicken meal on a non-Thanksgiving day? *raises hand* Well, maybe if someone else was cooking it for me…

These were fabulous! And easy! And if you’re not loving them mashed potatoes (as I’m usually prone to feel) you can shred them up and throw them into a warm pita or crusty kaiser roll and slather on some homemade aioli. Few slices of juicy tomato and lettuce and bam! What a food coma inducing sandwich. Mmmm.

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SEG’s Favourite 15 Minute Pasta: Garlic, Chili, and Olive Oil Spaghetti with Spinach, Pine Nuts and Mild Cheddar


Standing hours on your feet while stirring a pot of coconut jam, kneading your own bread on the counter top for twenty minutes straight, or keenly watching a pan of cooking paella on the stove top is quite strenuous on one’s body and psyche…but the results are usually worth it. Sometimes, though, quick and easy meals are a welcomed change of pace in the kitchen. Days when far more urgent (but no more important than eating, definitely not!) matters have you at their beck and call, and you cannot afford to leisure away time in front of the stove. For days like those, this spaghetti is both my hero and number 1 go to dish. Studded with fragrant slices of garlic, crunchy earthy pine nuts, bites of spinach that have soaked up all the flavour during the stir fry, and a spicy kick that gets your mouth properly worked up until you feel the gentle creaminess and richness of the cheese meltingly evade your taste buds….mmm…. “Did you just have a foodgasm?” he asks, as I swallow the last tantalizing strand of spaghetti. “Do you even need to ask?” I reply back, smiling at my own sass.

More, please.

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