The All-Purpose Waffle Bread…savoury, sweet, or even both!


So, there’s a backlog of comments on SEG I need to reply, other posts on both WordPress and Feedly I desperately want to comment on, status updates on my facebook newsfeed to like, daily tumblr dashboard photos to scroll through, emails to check, and people in Canada to call via Skype. Oh, oh, oh. And let’s not forget the Himalayan Mountain of dishes leering at me a few meters away. So. All in all, not the most perfect time to post. I’m going against the very Blogging Code I swear to follow by. But.


I needed (NEEDED) to share with you this amazing waffle bread recipe I stumbled upon last night via Sillyaryu Bakery’s blog. Other than a few characters here and there, it’s basically gibberish to me. But I consulted with google translate, the SEG pantry, and my Friday morning schedule. Everything looked ready for take off! Scribbled down my modified version of the recipe, forwent the instructions, and prepared the dough. Hopped into bed, excited for the morning. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Oh, crap. I’M LATE. Scrambled out of bed to wash up, threw on a random skirt, grey stockings, smeared on the lipstick that won the lottery—Persian Melon—and shoddily drawn eyeliner. Heated the waffle iron, swore a little here and there as I burned a few fingers, threw on the bread dough. Searched the entire room for my wallet, ohmygosh, I could have SWORN it was underneath my jacketpantssockstowel ummmMMM? Anyway. Had 1 waffle to go, spread with a thick layer of ooey gooey Nutella, and the rest was saved for later, an after school snack if you will. (More like a 6pm meal but whatever.)

Seriously easy. Seriously good. RIDICULOUSLY ALL-PURPOSE. I’m already excited to make some version of eggs benedicts with them—guys. Go and make them. Now. Like, NOW now. That is all.


Okay I’m off to watch Hannibal with the boy, do the dishes, 100 squates and then…and then it’s time to adopt the Blogger Code once again and do my proper duty of replying. I owe you major eye candy for all the douchey ignoring I’m so blatantly doing, yikes! Good night everyone!

P.S. I let it proof overnight, but you can obviously skip this step and just continue on as directed in the recipe. (I made it again after coming home from school—there were a few hungry mouths to feed—following the 45 minute and then 30 minute resting time, and they turned out just as well!)

P.P.S. okay, for real now, adieu!


_recipe card

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Of course, let’s not forget all the savoury ways in which you can utilize the waffle bread…(it must, after all, live up to the title of “All-Purpose!”)

ource: thisiswhyyou’



egg bennys.

25 thoughts on “The All-Purpose Waffle Bread…savoury, sweet, or even both!

  1. Dang girl! Those are some of the most tantalizing pictures you have shown yet! I think tonight might be a breakfast for dinner night…haven’t done that in awhile. Yum…

  2. I’m SO with you on the huge to do list… I need to play some serious catch-up on comment love. And the dishes? Well I had to start doing them the SECOND I put them next to the sink. Otherwise they grew into a pile the size of Mt. Everest and I cried just thinking about the amount of soap I’d need.

    Looks YUMMY!! I especially like your waffle ice cream sandwich idea. I need to try that!!

    • BUT I’M SLOWLY CATCHING UP. You mark my half-way point, HIGH FIVE! I just made some Assam Chai Tea Pound Cake with Hazelnut Milk Crumble. Somehow convinced myself to do the dishes while it was baking in the oven……..don’t know what came over me. Guess today is productivity day! (It happens as often as leap year so…what what!) Hahaha, I hope you fixed yourself a bowl of ice cream after all that crying, definitely a good excuse ;) ;)

      Ice cream sandwiches are sort of my life. Cookie sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches, klondike bars. Even just slathering ice cream onto soft milky white bread. Oh man.

  3. You just had to add that delicious ice cream to it. I was already hooked on the waffle. I knew it had to be mine, but as soon as I saw the waffle ice scream sandwich… I knew, I knew my life was changed.

    • Go make them. Now. Or if you already have (cause I’m such a slowpoke at replying this week), then I need the pictures. To ogle some more. Sometimes it’s just not the same gawking at your own pics, y’know? <3

  4. The all-purpose waffle, for breakfast, dinner, and lunch? That’s right up my alley! I am known to eat waffles like it’s bread, even alongside such foods as roasted beets. :) Lovely, lovely waffles – I love them so much! Love your foreword about the blogging code – there aren’t enough hours in a day to get that all done!

    • REALLY? Roasted Beets? I think I like you even MORE now, in the most foodie sense ever, which is the best kind if we’re being honest. Oh yeah, I know. But I guess we try to do what we can! (Having a plate of cookies next to you for nibbling helps the process a lot, too!) Hehehheh

    • THANK YA Rosie! You won’t regret owning one. You can literally make all sorts of sandwiches with the waffle bread so…and plus, any excuse to own another gadget, right?! ;)

  5. Sorry, you made these waffles? I’m so impressed. Mr. H. comes from the North of France (borders with Belgium), i.e. waffleland. I love being in waffleland.

    • SHURE DID! They’re less waffles and more bread that look like waffles though…but definitely tasty. Ooooh, waffleland sounds like where I’d like to go after school, when I need to de-stress and dive into a pool made of waffles and chocolate sauce. Mmmhmm..

    • YES! TRUE! Loved that episode. But I always cringe whenever I see one of his guests biting into his food because they obviously don’t know it’s not “rabbit” or “foie gras” but actually human bits…yikes.

      SOOOO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE! Did you catch the webisode online, the one they didn’t broadcast on live TV cause of the Boston massacre??

      • Yeah but the food looks and sounds so tasty haha I am a fan of Hannibal aka Mads Mikkelsen he plays his role amazing :)

        No did not hear of that :O but I will check thanks for the tipp!

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